16 10, 2009

Destination Wedding

Kathy and I are offering a great deal to one couple getting married in the Caribbean this winter.  We offer a special discount to one couple each year.  For details, call 800-729-6499 or 413-599-0047. 
Enough about winter.  Here is a highlight shot by one of our cinematographers, Jeff, at Zukas Hilltop Farm in Spencer, MA on August 1.  The whole day was fantastic!  Christina and Christiopher’s highlight in High Def…

10 10, 2009

Cape Cod

I’m off to another wedding tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s on Cape Cod at the Beautiful [url=”http://www.chathambarsinn.com/”]Chatham Bars Inn[/url] in Chatham, MA.  The weather should be great.  This Inn is right on the water.  Can’t say that about many banquet facilities on the Cape.
UPDATE:  On my way to the Cape, I got a call from my 9 month pregnant daughter saying she’s going to the hospital and this could be it.  I’m 45 minutes into my 3 hour trip to Chatham  And I start to freak out.  I missed my daughter being born and wanted to be there for my grandson. (my daughter said I could be in the room)  I frantically called and found one of our cinematographers available.  In fact, we woke him up and told him he’d have to be showered and on the road in 15 minutes.  He said yes!!!!  So I met him on the highway, gave him fresh batteries, tapes, additional camera, and off he went.  THANKS MATT!!  That is the first wedding I’ve missed in 20+ years of doing them.  Matt did a killer job.
Meanwhile, I rushed back to Baystate Hospital in Springfield. 45 minutes after I got there I met Charles Dillahunt III, or Trey for three.  Kathy and great grandma were in the room as well.  Of course, being a video guy, I captured it all on video from my daughters perspective.  We’re going to play the video at his Same Day Edit duiring his wedding in 20 some odd years.  Kathy took a gazillion pictures too.  I think the nurses thought we were nuts.  Paparazzi in da house!! 🙂  If only the Sox and Pats had won to cap off a perfect day!

10 10, 2009

Same Day Edit In Haddam CT

Last Saturday was a blast.  We did another Same Day Edit in New Britain, CT and then to the[url=”http://www.theriverhouse.com/”] Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station[/url] in Haddam, CT.  The photo session was at [url=”http://www.ct.gov/dep/cwp/view.asp?A=2716&Q=325204″]Gillette Castle[/url] across the river.  We got some fantastic shots from the overlook behind the castle.  And it showed in our same day edit.  Chris Walsh got the edit finished just in time for the scheduled presentation.  The crowd was amazed that the actions on the screen were from just a couple of hours to 20 minutes earlier.  I’m beginning to like these Same Day Edits.  Agi and Marlon were in awe, as was the whole crowd.  It certainly adds a wow factor to the wedding day.