27 03, 2010

WPPI Scavenger Hunt

This is the finished product of or scavenger hunt.  We had two day’s to do it and didn’t even finish in the money….  🙁  Had fun doing it!

9 03, 2010


Kathy and I here at WPPI, professional Wedding Photographers convention here in Las Vegas.  We have not yet got over the jet lag.  We are though getting overwhelmed with the amount of information and technology their throwing at us.  We are excited to implement some of the new ideas into this years wedding season.   We have been involved in a photo scavenger hunt, so far, we had to snap off some pics of an Elvis impersonater, and a bride and groom at a wedding chapel.  Our partners, two photographers we met here, have to get a pic of them in front of a 777 slot machine and an autograph of the Thunder from Down Under on a body part.  Funny stuff.  Tomorrow, more stuff to collect.