21 01, 2011

New Orleans 2011

Kathy and I are off to New Orleans to soak up knowledge and tweak our
film making skills.  Wedding film makers from all over the world will be
there.  Bonus: There is NO snow there.  I’m sick of it!! 

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from Bourbon Street!

18 01, 2011

Adam Forgione

Last night was very informative. We took a workshop with Adam Forgione, a master at wedding highlights. I love this time of year. Weddings next to nil, and we take the down time to learn how to make this year’s wedding season even better than the last. Three months of soaking in information to help make us better cinematographers. Although, I can’t wait for our first wedding of the season!!

Off to New Orleans for a week long seminar. Hoping to come back with a boatload of new ideas! Bring on the gumbo and crayfish!