10 03, 2012

Another Great Wedding

What a wedding at the spectacular Liberty Hotel in Boston! Sophy and Richard are such a cool couple! Have fun in China!! Special thanks to the the cinematic genius of Clem, Lenny and Brian.

27 01, 2012

Jays Baraat at Boston Seaport Hotel

Baraat’s are one of the fun rituals of an Indian wedding and my favorite! The groom’s family members, relatives and friends accompany him to the wedding venue, in a marriage procession called ‘baraat’. Groom’s friends and relatives are called the ‘baraati’. As they proceed, music is played and everyone dances along the way. When they arrive at the wedding venue, the brides family greets groom and his family. Many times there is a short ceremony as the groom goes to the Mandap for the ceremony.

The Seaport Hotel in Boston is the perfect location for an Indian wedding.


24 01, 2012

Better Boston Wedding Film

A Few Tips For A Better Wedding Film

  1. When getting your hair done, make sure you wear a button down shirt.  I’ve seen a few brides have to cut the t-shirt right off their back so as not to mess with their freshly completed hair.
  1. Don’t chew gum.  It doesn’t look good on camera.
  1. Turn down the radio during bridal prep.  Although is awesome to have your favorite music playing in the background, it can make it hard to hear a powerful piece of dialog that we could use to help tell the story of the day.
  1. At Bridal prep have the hair and make up artist set up in front of a window. The more natural the light the better for your film.  Not to mention, you’ll get a true feel of how your makeup looks outside.  Try to avoid a basement location for prep.
  1. Do a first look.  The superstition of “not seeing each other” before the wedding is so OLD School.  A first look is practical.  You have the first look, then take your pictures BEFORE the ceremony.   This way frees you up for the cocktail hour and your not under stress to hurry an get your photos done in that little window between the ceremony and reception.  The first look  can also render some tender and emotional moments for your film.
  1. When saying your vows, look at each other, consider what you are saying and savor the moment.
  1. Make sure everyone in the wedding party knows we’re coming.  Let them know to act natural, as if we’re not even there.  Letting the day unfold as it happens is best.
  1. Stay together during the day.  Have fun. If you have fun at your own party everyone else will, too! People will dance if you dance. Don’t sweat the small stuff at your wedding reception. All too often, brides become upset over just one song they might not particularly like and then not even realize that the dance floor is packed. Trust your DJ, smile, take pictures, kiss your new partner, and enjoy the best day of your life.
  2. Think about exchanging a card or gift while the both of you get ready.  This is a lovely touch that brings out emotion and joy of the day.  Not to mention a great piece for the film that you’ll cherish forever.
  3. Don’t eat onions or garlic at your rehersal dinner, you will be talking to all your guests on your wedding day! 🙂
  4. Smile.  All to often the bride has a worried look on her face all day.  At this point whatever happens, happens.  Nothing you can do about it now.  You’ve planned for months, now just go with it and enjoy the experience.  The day will end before you know it and you’ll be asking yourself where the day went!


21 01, 2012

Sonias Mehndi Night Seaport Hotel HarborView

This was a fun night. Everyone came to Sonia’s Mehndi and were served wonderfully delicious Indian food cooked to order right in the Action Kitchen in the Seaport Hotel!

21 01, 2012

Better Filmmaking Skills Honed in Charlestown

Back in the saddle again after a week of intense learning at this year’s InFocus event in Charlestown South Carolina.  This year’s brides are lucky, as we implement the new skills and techniques learned at the conference.  And talk about a great town, Charlestown has some of the best food in the country not mention steeped in history.  Good to be back home though.

4 01, 2012

Boston Area Wedding Teaser of Stef and Jesse

2012 came in with a bang in Gloucester, MA on New Years Eve!  We were just out side the area where the film “The Perfect Storm” was filmed, the Gloucester Cruiseport.  Everything was perfect.  The families on both sides took us in like one of their own.  The wedding party was looking their best as they brought in 2012 in style!  This is the teaser for their Boston Wedding Film.

Here are some of the great Vendors we worked with:

Venue: Gloucester Cruiseport

Photographer:  Benoit & McCarthy Photography

DJ:  Party Excitement

Wedding Videography:  Summer Wind Wedding Films

16 12, 2011

Courtney and Gregs Cape Cod Wedding Highlight

Here is the highlight of the best party of the summer.

2 12, 2011

Courtney and Gregs Fourth of July Wedding Teaser

This was the best party all summer!  Cap Cod, Beautiful location, on the beach, great people, fantastic food, unbelievable band (Beantown)……

10 11, 2011

Sophy and Richard

Can’t wait to edit the final film!!!  Here’s Sophy and Richard’s film trailer.

13 10, 2011

Rachel and Ryan Same Day Edit

What a perfect time to host a wedding at an apple orchard.  The elegance of Lyman Orchards was the backdrop to this beautiful wedding.  Pictures were taken in the corn maze at Lyman and the weather was spetacular, 80 degrees in October!