2015 will be the year Summer Wind Wedding Films will start to wean ourselves away from DVDs and BluRay.  The formats will soon be added to the proverbial junk yard of old technology like 8-Track Tape, Cassette, Laser Discs, Beta…  We consider the film we produce for you a family heirloom.  When your 3 year old granddaughter asks you to watch your wedding film 30 years from now you’ll want to have a format that isn’t out dated and no means to play it back.

We now deliver the digital high definition version of your film on a custom thumb drive.  The beauty of digital is, you can make a copy of a copy of a copy… and the last copy will be exactly as the original.  No generation loss like the formats mentioned above.  ThumbDrive Pic

(The following is reprinted from Daily Finance)

The curtain is starting to close on the optical disc. You probably noticed that during Black Friday: There weren’t too many door buster deals for DVD or Blu-ray players. Folks just aren’t buying them anymore. The big sellers in consumer electronics were smart televisions that stream movies, TV shows, and video clips. There were also plenty of Chromecast, Roku and Fire TV set-top devices on sale, more gadgetry that renders the optical disc obsolete.

DVD sales peaked in 2004, and it’s been a slow fade. Some media platforms fall off the cliff when their consumption tenure is done, but optical discs have only seen unit sales decline by a third over the past decade.

They’re still around, but it won’t always be that way.