1st look

There are many reasons why a first look is a great idea.  Here are some of them…

1. Calming Effect:  A first look definitely takes the stress level down many notches.  The anticipation of seeing your soon to be spouse is over and it’s always a huge relief.

2. It’s special. A First Look is a moment the two of you can share without all the fanfare.

3. Alone time. The First Look is designed so that the moment is only shared by you and your filmmaker and photographer.  The benefit of the First Look is that you are alone and it’s private. This means you can embrace each other. You can cry without worrying about your makeup running down your face. You can laugh. You can kiss. You can actually talk to each other and tell your groom how excited you are to get married. You can do whatever feels right. The First Look is the perfect time to relax before the storm, that is your wedding day, really starts.

3. Timeline and portraits. If you decide to see each other before the ceremony, you have the opportunity to take your formal portraits after the First Look. Having a First Look can save you time and money – if you wait to see each other until the ceremony, you’ll likely spend 30-60 additional minutes on portraits. By having all of your portraits completed before the ceremony, you won’t have the caterer pressuring you to hurry before the food gets cold.

4. Spend more time with your guests. Since you’ve had a First Look and you’ve taken all of your portraits before the ceremony, you can head to the reception immediately after the ceremony. You’ve spent months planning your wedding and a lot of those plans have focused on the reception and celebrating your marriage. By having a First Look, you ensure that you’ll get to join the cocktail hour and spend more time with your guests.

We can help you with your timeline so you can enjoy the day and not feel ushered here and there all day.

Michael and Kathy

* Ref – Bride Mag.