The dust is just settling at Fenway and the trophy is sitting in the front office. But the day before game one will be a day I’ll never forget.  A bunch of fellow film makers were chosen by the Sox to make a highlight of the World Series Gala.   I was one of them!  We had access to anywhere and everywhere. shoot-shoot-shoot for four hours.  The Monsta’, the right field bar, EMC Suite, actually every suite for that matter, the bands, Ted Williams’ seat, performers, the food, drink, players old and new, I even sat in the dugout and picked up the phone for the bullpen, I could hear it ringing out in the pen.  One of the coaches threw me a ball too. Crazy!  And to top it all off, it was on my birthday!  Special thanks to Whit Wales for choosing me and the talented team for that shoot!IMG_1327