This was one of those weddings that was over the top and back down the other side!  Gayle and JR had the most spectacular wedding at the Langham Huntington hotel in Pasadena, California.  Everything was spectacular.  From the beautiful flowers to the talented singers at the church and at the reception.  The Grammy-nominated Louise Cornillez sang with the voice of an angel. The decor, the music, the families and the love made this a very memorable day.  Not to mention the absolutely stunning Langhan Huntington hotel for the back drop.  I will mark this down as one of the top weddings we have ever had the pleasure of filming.  This is the Same Day Edit that we played at the reception in front of all the guests on our large screen.


Side Note:

So, the morning of the wedding, we headed out to get some aerial shots of the beautiful Langham Huntington hotel.  I checked with the front desk, then with the manager, then the banquet manager, all said we were good to go.  We set up our take off spot from behind the hotel.  There wasn’t a soul out there. (much better for me because I don’t like flying over people)  I take two amazing shots and as I’m reeling it in, a secret service agent came up on us and told me to stop flying it.  Apparently, Eric Holder was at the hotel and his Secret Service detail was all around the hotel.  Oops.  They were good sports about it, one said “we were gonna shoot it down”, with a big smile on his face.  Always an adventure with Summer Wind Wedding Films!  🙂